FYT Autumn News 2021

Frontier Youth Trust’s latest newsletter focuses on the art of ‘slowing down’.

Laura McCombie Smith, FYT’s Movement Advocate, explores the idea of resisting a return to our busy pre-pandemic lives and how embracing transformation can be the way forward in our personal and working lives.

Emily Lonsdale, a youth worker from Derby, shares her personal story of how slowing down made her realise that the best things cannot be rushed.

We also hear from Dylan Barker, FYT’s Movement Enabler, who shares how an online meet up of some of the FYT community members, bought the opportunity to bake slow-rise bread and used this metaphor to discuss going slow in youth work.

Furthermore, we hear from Rich Martin, a youth worker from Devon who explores the idea of ‘Is God slow’; and finally we share a prayer for the ‘slow youth worker’.

Download our latest issue here: