FYT Winter News 2021/2022


In this edition of FYT News, we look at the power of Resistance to create space in our lives and explore the art of slowing down, listening to ourselves, our communities and God.  

Dylan Barker, FYT’s Movement Enabler, shares his thoughts on the importance of reflection. Taking the time to step back in youth work, look at the full picture, with the ultimate aim of shifting our perspective.

In November, FYT was invited to present an immersive exhibition and seminars at the National Youth Ministry Weekend, which sparked fantastic engagement.

We also hear from Lauren McCombie Smith, FYT’s Movement Advocate, who looks at making space in our lives for the ‘good stuff’ through being present in the moment and not just ‘doing’ youth work.

Lastly, we talk Resistance Resolutions, a time to look at our past and future through reflection.

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