Elephant in the Room Webinars 2023

In January 2023 Frontier Youth Trust will be launching a series of free lunchtime webinars around the theme of the Elephant in the Room.

  • What in Youth Ministry should we be talking about more?
  • What are the subjects that seem too big to tackle?
  • What conversations have we forgotten to keep having?

In conversation with youth practitioners around the country we have identified various themes that feel like “elephants in the room”.

Join us once a month to dive deeper into these themes. Each webinar will kick off with a Ted-talk type presentation to get us thinking, followed by roundtable discussions.

All lunchtime webinars will start at 12.30pm.

Wed 18 Jan – Challenging Behaviour

We’ll explore where challenging behaviour comes from, what it means and how we might work with it.

Wed 15 Feb – Supporting LGBTQ+ young people

Will, who works with an LGBTQ+ group in Northampton, will share with us how we can support young people.

Wed 15 March – Youth Worker Mental Health

Sometimes being a youth worker is really hard, in this session we’ll look at what we can put in place to keep us thriving.

Wed 19 April – When the church is silent about sex…

Many youth workers fed back that the church’s teaching wasn’t keeping up with changing sexual landscape. Here we won’t be giving teaching but we will engage in the conversation.

Wed 17 May – Making space for difficult conversations

Young people often want us to address topics that we don’t feel comfortable or qualified to talk about. Let’s talk about how we have an honest conversation.

Wed 21 June – Giving Up Power

Let’s talk about giving up power. Who has the power? Where should the power sit? Join us to discuss power and disruption.

Wed 19 July – Creating Neurodivergent Friendly Space

How neurodivergent friendly are our youth spaces? Let’s chat about ways we can be more inclusive and accessible.

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