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A dispersed community of people and independent projects taking pioneering risks with young people on the margins across the UK.

What is pioneering with young people? It’s mixing up the ingredients of young people’s context and culture, the Christian story, and the traditions of church and youth work, to imagine and create a better world for young people. It’s Youth clubs, detached (street) work, counselling, mentoring, in-school, at work, at home, on the church council… Wherever you meet or affect young people, your missional imagination can bring about a better world.

Why join the Movement? We are a group of pioneers – of missional risk-takers – seeking to build a better world for young people. Join us. Meet other like-minded pioneers who care about young people. Find resources, training, brilliant ideas, and fellow-travellers to inspire and support you.

Together we are building a better world for young people. We are…

  • Working with young people – at work, home, youth club, on the street, in school, in the community.
  • Creating new possibilities – new projects, new resources, new initiatives
  • Growing the movement – calling others to the margins, speaking out, leading, giving time & money.
  • Changing the system – advocating, stewarding resources, leverage opportunities, campaigning

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