Our Team

Meet our Regional Activists & Movement Leadership Team. We have a shared leadership team approach to facilitate the work of the Movement.

Dylan Barker

Movement Enabler

I listen to the ideas, concerns, and voice of the movement and turn that into projects, resources and training. I love seeing the movement members using our resources and training to inspire young people and bring about new conversations about their faith and their world. When I’ll not working for Frontier Youth Trust, I’m being climbed on by my two children or hatching plans with the young people I work alongside on the estate.

Lauren McCombie Smith

Movement Advocate

I have been involved in youth work in some way or another since I was a teenager myself. I have worked in and outside of the church, in secular and Christian organisations, in the mainstream and on the margins. My heart for youth work was founded in my own teenage years. And am grateful for those who guided and supported me in my faith journey at this young age. However, lacking any formal youth work I became a part of the founding team of a youth congregation; which I continued to help run until I went to University. The empowerment and opportunities for leadership that I received as a teenager have shaped me and my life journey. I continue to be super passionate in raising up and investing in young leaders as I was invested in.

John Wheatley

Movement Leader

It's my role to curate a community and movement around pioneering with young people. It's really important to me that work with young people is contextual, locally-rooted and relational - and I'm as committed to this in my own context of Weston-super-Mare as I am about encouraging others to do it in their own neighbourhoods. When I'm not hanging out with teenagers or youth workers, I like getting out and about with the family.

Ian Spence

Regional Activist (South West)

I do a day a week to get alongside pioneering youth workers in the West of England, in person and online to support, inspire and encourage the great work which is happening and identify new connecting points for the movement. I am passionate about inclusion in all areas and that young people of all demographics have a voice in society and in their local context. Outside of FYT I am a Baptist Minister (With no Baptist Church!), I freelance with BBC Radio and engage Young people on my estate with a community radio project. I am also trained as a Mainland European Saunameister!?!

James Ballantyne

Regional Activist (North East)