Our Vision

Frontier Youth Trust is a movement of people that care about young people and are actively working to build a better world. By mixing up the ingredients of young people’s context and culture, the Christian story, and the traditions of church and youth work, we can each create a better world for young people in our local communities.

Together we are a movement building a better world by…

  • Working with young people – at work, home, youth club, on the street, in school, in the community.
  • Creating new possibilities – new projects, new resources, new initiatives
  • Growing the movement – call others to the margins, speaking out, leading, giving of time & money.
  • Changing the system – advocating, stewarding resources, leverage opportunities, campaigning

We can resource this pioneering by

Creating a home for pioneer youth work. We are a mission community active in building a better world for young people. When the work is hard, and nobody gets you, connecting together sustains and equips. We meet online, at events, in regional hubs, and in collaborating on joint projects.

Improving and increasing practice on the ground. Through training, coaching, practical resources and showcasing good practice, we are resourcing and equipping Christians to take pioneering risks in their work with young people.

Calling more to pioneering with young people. Together this movement has a loud voice. In theological thinking, campaigning, sharing good ideas, telling stories, we are inspiring and challenging others to join the pioneer movement to reach young people on the margins

Join us. Another world is possible.

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