The Parable of the Gamer

The tournament was full with 50,000 in the arena and it felt like half the world was online to watch.

All the attention was on the newbie: there was this gamer who had got through to his first tournament after years of trying. He wasn’t sure what he’d done differently this time but somehow he had managed to get a deck ready that had started to beat those around him

The game was ready to roll but just as the first bout was about to happen disaster struck as the gamers laptop ran out of power. With no charger and being on that machine no one would find a lead that fitted. With no back up the runner up to him in the qualifier took his place and the tournament started without him.

Frontier Youth Trust first published this parable as part of, an online scrapbook that brings together a wide collection of parables to resource pioneering discipleship and inspire story telling.