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CD ROM and 5 resource packs plus a book about Spirituality, Learning and Journeying.


Paul Niemiec (Diocese of Peterborough)

“There is much practical and theoretical material available in the area of Christian youth work. What so much of it lacks is real wisdom…

If you are looking for that, then this is the book for you. The Pimlotts, with their good friend, Dave Wiles, bring together a vast variety of personal, practical and committed experience, all of which is reflected in this excellent little book. Having the material available on CD-ROM is, as ever, enormously useful-and typical of thier totally practical approach. So much of it can be used in a wide variety of settings. It makes good sense and should be compulsory reading for everyone involved in Christian youth work, be they beginner or wizened veteran, like the reviewer…

As a Diocesan Youth Officer, I would wish to give each of my volunteer youth workers a copy of this book prior to engaging in any youth work. It acts as a brilliant addition to the original “Inspire”, which, for me, has become a vitally important tool as I introduce folk into good practice. I shall now combine the two publications as an integral part of my introductory pack for those engaging, either for the first time or afresh, in our vitally important area of ministry…

But ‘t really needs to be engaged with rather than read about – we are practitioners and this is good practise promoting good practise at a price that makes it possible for all…”