Stories from the Edge


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Over 30 encounters with young people at risk.  A practical resource for youth and community workers that will have a wider appeal for those who care about people.

By Dave Wiles

Foreword by Adrian and Bridget Plass

“Stories from the Edge shows us where God’s Kingdom can truly be found …This is invaluable for those who are engaged in ‘frontier’ youth work.” – Nick Shepherd, Centre for Youth Ministry

These true stories are instructive, inspiring, arresting and shocking. Meet the 16-year-old on probation, who is on suicide watch; mediate between a rebellious youngster and his too-strict dad; listen to a 21-year-old girl, with two children in care, who works the street to pay for the heroin her father deals. Each chapter follows a particular theme, such as ‘Dads and Lads’ or ‘Youth Culture and Gangs’, and ends with points for discussion.

“Thank God for Dave Wiles, a bruised human being who understands through troubles in his own life and through his involvement in the battered lives of others, that Christianity is a messy business.” – Adrian and Bridget Plass, in their foreword

“Dave not only practises what he talks about, his own story shows the impact that can be made. A moving, challenging and motivating read.” – Tim Evans, Worth Unlimited

“Be warned – this book doesn’t hold back; it is not a gentle read! Instead, it is full of tough stories and the reality of the lives of young people on the edge. The brilliance of the book is in the questions – challenging the assumptions we have when working with young people and encouraging us to be people of grace and hope.” – Jill Rowe, Oasis

“Everyone loves a good story and this book is packed with them – stories that challenge, inspire, shock and pull the rug from under your feet. It had me gripped.” – Jonny Baker, Church Mission Society

Illustrated by Jon Birch, www.