My Spiritual Selfie


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Author: Frontier Youth Trust

Do you want young people to engage with an everyday discipleship and spiritual life? This is a resource to help youth workers take young people on a journey into Christian discipleship.

We asked more than 300 young people and youth workers to make a Spiritual Selfie – a picture of things that represented their spiritual life. These items symbolised a habit, behaviour, practice, routine, or way of thinking that the young person or youth worker used to sustain their faith.  The items included practical resources, symbols of ways to meet God, meaningful things to do, and metaphors for ways of thinking. Building on young people’s responses to our My Spiritual Selfie project, this resource offers 30+ reflections and activities for youth workers and young people. The set of cards follow the story of Acts over eight themes to explore mission and discipleship, culminating in young people and youth workers building their own spiritual selfie as a resource to sustain them.