Diversity Dice


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Author: Frontier Youth Trust & Q Space

The Diversity Dice resource facilitates conversations about diversity with your team or young people. The resource is designed to provoke us and to make us aware of our own prejudice; to be able to move past the things we struggle with, and to view people from different perspectives.

The dice are based on the protected characteristics of the Equality Act (2010); Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity.

Each dice displays six characteristics that could be found in the categories of Faith, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Disability and Relationships, as well as seventh dice to mix things up. We recognise that people are multi-faceted, so the number of dice and the randomness of the roll helps to simulate this diversity. Of course, there are only six possible outcomes with the dice, whereas there are often more possible identities within each category. The job of the dice is to spark the conversation.

The dice are rolled and a person made, then there are a number of activities in the handbook to explore people and institutions reactions to this diversity.