The Experiments





Based on the Beatitudes, The Experiments – is a ten-week resource to engage young people in
contextual and hands-on theological reflection. The course is designed for young people
on the edge of church and society. It is easy to access, and requires no experience or
understanding within the Christian tradition to participate. The resource offers the raw
biblical text in an accessible format, exploring and embedding it through a practical

The Experiments is based on an action learning cycle – starting with a set of experiments
which the group can try throughout the week. At the following session stories and
experiences are shared; with reflective activities to kick-start deeper learning; and a
regular collecting process to capture learning and celebrate participation and achievement.
As a hands-on resource, The Experiments requires little reading or writing for participants.
Instead each participant is given a set of cards with the trigger text and experiments on.
Young people can collect a new card for each experiment to be used as a reminder
throughout the week. At the end of each week they can record their experiences and have
it stamped by the youth worker.