Resourcing Frontline Youth Work with Deck Tales

The Streetspace community is full of youth workers and pioneers who are creating resources to help them in their work with young people. The Streetspace community share the highs and lows of their youth work through our online group and regular meet ups both regionally and nationally. Quite often the youth work that Streetspace projects do means that the support they require is from those who share the same values of mission, relationship and pioneering new things.

Resources get shared through the fellowship of the community and one example is ‘Deck Tales’. Deck Tales was a hand drawn resource for enabling young people to emotional in engage in stories. Through a gift exchange at one of the Streetspace national gatherings, the resource got shared. Then a few members of the community decided that it was resource that was worth funding, so through their own giving this resource was able to be manufactured.

Now ‘Deck Tales’ has been nominated for a Youth Work Award for Best Youth Work Resource. Frontier Youth Trust want to provide frontline youth workers with great resources. We often find that these resources are already out there being created by people who need something that will work for them. Through the Streetspace community we can capture these ideas and turn them into resources available to all.

By supporting Frontier Youth Trust, frontline youth workers who are pioneering work with hard to reach young people can be supported and resourced, enabling them to continue the great work they do.

FYT has also made Deck Tales available in the resources shop HERE.

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