SiLent: In Practice


This Lent as a movement we are practising and reflecting on silence in solidarity with those young people who are voiceless.

Each Thursday we will be sharing with you a reflection from one of our movement members across the UK spurring and encouraging each other on the journey that is Lent.

This week Gemma Dunning from The Table in London shares a SiLent experiment undertaken with a small youth group:


How do you engage with Lent?

Could a rhythm of silence, whether individual or shared, stir up your connection to the divine this Lent?

Join us next Thursday for a different reflection.

Gemma is the Frontier Youth Trust Movement Advocate and a Baptist Minister living in Leytonstone in London. The Table are a small group of secondary school aged young people in Leytonstone who gather together around food to share life together in all it’s messy glory.