The Parable of the Frontflip

A wise man told a story about how God sees people.

In a youth club down the road everyone loved going to the new trampoline park. Young people would go to the trampoline park all the time and try to flips and tricks. However, there was one boy who couldn’t nail front flip however hard he tried. He would spend all his allowance going to the trampoline park and practicing. He’d even climb into the neighbours garden when they where out to practice on their trampoline.

After months of trying he finally got it. He was overjoyed and called all his mates to meet him at the trampoline park. “Look I can do it” he shouted as he did front flip after front flip.

The wise man said that this is how God feels about people who connect with him.

Frontier Youth Trust first published this parable as part of, an online scrapbook that brings together a wide collection of parables to resource pioneering discipleship and inspire story telling.