The Parable of The Perfect Life

Rachel and Erin both loved spending time putting together photos for instagram and snap chatting their friends. They had a bit of a competition going to see who could get the lowest streak and the most followers.

Erin quickly built up loads of followers; the things she was posting looked amazing! She always seemed to be going to interesting places and doing exciting things and everything about her posts was picture perfect.

Rachel’s profile grew much more slowly. She wasn’t able to post as often and she often wondered where Erin found the time to visit all those beautiful places while she seemed to be find her time taken up with the poutines of school, friends and family.

As the school year drew to a close and the pressure of completing UCAS applications and studying for exams built up, both girls were feeling out of their depth. Rachel found herself really looking forward to a planned evening with her friends. They Weren’t planning to do anything special, just watch a DVD and talk she knew these girls so well she wasn’t even going to put much makeup on, – who needs another instagram to prove where they’ve been.

Erin was finding life tougher. She wasn’t sure how she could find the time to keep her profile looking good and keep up with everything else that was going on if only she could really live in the world her photos showed.

Frontier Youth Trust first published this parable as part of, an online scrapbook that brings together a wide collection of parables to resource pioneering discipleship and inspire story telling.